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PNC Bank Swift Code Review

PNC Bank Swift Code
Written by Agim Emmanuel

If you are searching for a PNC bank swift code for international wire transfer, then you are in the right place. PNC bank swift code makes it easy to identify your bank for international money transfers.

Swift Codes, also called BIC Codes, are used for International Wire Transfers. While routing numbers in the USA are used for domestic wire transfers, swift codes are used for incoming international fund transfers.

It is important to note, that Swift Codes or BICs of PNC Bank NA are used ONLY for International Wire Transfers. If you are sending funds within USA(domestic) payments then you only need the routing number of PNC Bank NA instead of swift codes.

In this article, we will look at various PNC Bank swift codes for international money transfers in this post.

What is a SWIFT code?

Swift codes are unique identifiers assigned to each bank account. These codes allow customers to transfer money internationally without having to use a foreign exchange rate.

Also, the PNC Bank SWIFT code (or a SWIFT number) is used for the identification of banks and financial institutions globally when making international money transfers

PNC Bank Swift Code For Wire Transfer

Incoming wires from banks outside of the U.S. should use PNC’s SWIFT code for all branches: PNCCUS33. Most banks have different swift codes for different branches be sure to double-check with your recipient – or directly with the bank – if you’re unsure which to use.

Swift CodeNameCityCountry

How do I find my PNC Bank SWIFT code And Routine Number Online?

Here is a practical example of how to find the SWIFT code for your PNC bank

  • Firstly, login into your PNC Bank account and click on sign-on
  • Secondly, Enter your user ID and Password and click login
  • Thirdly, On account summary click on Virtual wallet
  • Click on account activity
  • You will get a drop-down click on ‘Go to account and Routine number’
  • Click on send passcode
  • Enter the &(six) digit code you received and click Continue
  • Click wire transfer Information

Who developed the SWIFT code or routing number?

SWIFT codes were developed by the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, which is a global member-owned cooperative that serves as the worldwide leader in secure financial messaging services such as the SWIFT network. The American Bankers Association developed the ABA routing number. The ABA represents banks of all sizes and types, particularly those with $250 million or less in assets.

What Does the PNC Bank SWIFT code consist of?

A SWIFT code is usually an 8- or 11-digit number with the following format AAAABBCCDDD. These stand for:

  • AAAA – four-character bank code (letters)
  • BB – two-character country code (letters)
  • CC – two-character location (institution’s headquarters) code (numbers or letters)
  • DDD – (optional) three-character branch code

What Are The Requirements for PNC Bank International Wire Transfer?

1. The name and address of the recipient
2. The name of the recipient’s bank
3. SWIFT code for the recipient’s bank
4. Recipient’s bank account number
5. International Bank Account Number and international routing code, in some cases
6. Purpose of the payment you’re transferring

What Is The Difference Between PNC SWIFT Code versus IBAN?

This is dependent on where you’re sending money to, you may be asked for an IBAN number as well as a SWIFT code. IBAN number is an international bank account number – used for identifying a specific bank account within an institution. This is like giving directions to someone – The SWIFT code will get them as far as the right building, but they’ll also need the IBAN to find the specific apartment.

Please note, that IBANs are not used by all countries. You’ll need an IBAN for payments to countries within Europe, but not for a transfer to the US, please always check the requirements for the country you’re sending to before you start making your payment.

Swift Codes Vs IBAN

SWIFT code is a code used to identify the country, bank, and branch to which an account is registered to,
On the other hand, IBAN is an international bank account number. It is used to identify a specific bank account in an institution. IBANs are not used by all countries. You’ll need an IBAN for payments to countries within Europe

Why do I need A PNC Bank SWIFT code For International Money Transfers?

PNC bank swift code makes it easy for people to send you money around the world, this helps to identify your bank and make sure the money gets to you. If you want to send money to your family abroad or for business swift codes are essential.

What Are The Methods of Sending Wire Transfers For PNC banks?

There are three ways to send wire transfers For example, you can send money online, in the branch, and by phone.

  1. Online: To send a wire transfer online you must have a mobile phone that is connected to the internet. Most accounts that have online access are eligible to send online wire transfers.
  2. By phone: If you need assistance, international wire transfers can be sent by calling the PNC Bank customer care assistance team. 009 1 412-803-7711 from 9 a.m. ET to 5 p.m. ET Monday-Friday.
  3. In-branch: In-branch domestic and international wire transfers are typically reserved for PNC Bank Essential Checking, High-Yield Checking, and Essential Savings retail account customers. Please always refer to your local bank branch for more information on sending international wire transfers.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, PNC Bank’s swift code makes it super easy and fast to send money abroad, this method is safe you’ve got nothing to worry about just make sure you fill out the details correctly. Swift code or BIC code is the same, BIC stands for Business identifier code.

PNC Bank SWIFT codes – FAQs

Swift Code Vs BIC

Swift Code and BIC code are the same. BIC stands for Business identifier code.

Is a SWIFT code the same for all PNC Bank branches?

The answer is “NO, Most banks have different swift codes for different branches be sure to double-check with your recipient – or directly with the bank – if you’re unsure which to use.

What Is a Routing Number?

This is a nine-digit code on checks and is sometimes referred to as the ABA number or check routing number. The American Bankers Association created it to allow banks and credit unions to securely send and receive funds, as well as a way to process paper checks between banks

How long Do PNC Bank wire transfers take?

Domestic wire transfers are often processed within 24 hours while international wire transfers can take between 1-5 business days. Wire transfer times may also vary depending on designated cut-off times, federal regulations, as well as weekends and bank holidays.

Can I make a PNC Bank wire transfer over the phone?

Yes, you can. PNC bank allows you to make a wire transfer over the phone, simply by calling their customer service provider at 009 1 412-803-7711 to carry out the process. Also be sure to provide your bank with specific instructions, including recipient information and amount.

How do I find my PNC Bank SWIFT code?

You’ll be able to find the PNC Bank SWIFT code by logging into online banking or checking an account statement. SWIFT codes are also usually available on bank websites.


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