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How to create your own personal success this year 2022

personal success

I must say that the only success that truly benefits you, is your personal success. You achieve success when you convert global wealth into your own personal wealth. To do this you need to take Advantage and the opportunities that come with it.

Your advantages are the things you carry into the year to make that year successful for you while opportunities are what you receive from the year to enable you to create wealth in that year. This means that in any given year there is no pre-existing wealth waiting for you. What you have are potential opportunities that you must then convert to wealth using your advantages.

Unfortunately, not many know the secret of converting opportunities into wealth. While the year comes filled with so many opportunities, only a few can utilize these opportunities and convert them into wealth. But unless you learn how to identify and convert the opportunities within the year using what you have, success will elude you.

The first of them is your disadvantages and the limitations that you bring into the year. The second is the kind of Opportunities that a year offers and whether you can convert them into wealth. And the third is how you live within a year and whether that life increases or decreases your disadvantages. So, without further ado let’s look at each of these factors and how they can affect you this year. s three factors that can affect your success this year


The disadvantage and limitations that you bring into the year

Disadvantages are factors that can reduce your chances of success within a given year. While limitations are the obstacles you must overcome to make progress each year. Limitations are inevitable and are present in your life until you achieve all your goals, disadvantages on the other hand are avoidable and can be eliminated or reduced within the year.

Some of the common disadvantages that can reduce your chances of success include

  1. having a high maintenance lifestyle
  2. making poor health choices
  3. making dangerous investment decisions
  4. increasing your financial load and wealth inhibiting or draining relationships
  5. poor savings culture
  6. debt etc

The most beneficial thing to do to your disadvantages is to eliminate them. To do this you need to grow in knowledge and develop a more disciplined and accountable lifestyle. While everyone can claim to have discipline, only a few have discipline in areas that can create wealth for them. Most people have discipline in areas that increase their liabilities and expenses. Thus, to create wealth and success this year you must develop discipline in areas that matter to wealth. Your limitations can also hold you back from achieving success this year.

Some of the common limitations include

  1. low or single income
  2. lack of wealth-creating relationships
  3. lack of a wealthy mindset
  4. Lack of purpose and a clear life direction
  5. lack of the right mentorship and accountability partners etc

The only way to overcome your limitations is to develop new and advanced knowledge and good discipline to apply that knowledge.

There are 8 Ways to Upgrade your Knowledge and Skills this year

  1. Take Professional Development Courses
  2. Invest in Continuing Education and Certifications
  3. Use Online Resources
  4. Attend Professional Events
  5. Determine Hard and Soft Skills to Develop
  6. Network Online
  7. Read White Papers and Case Studies
  8. Follow Thought Leaders on Social Media

This means that to create wealth this year you must push yourself outside your comfort zone. Doing what you have always done will only give you the results you already have. To get a different and better result, you must do the things that your next level of success requires you to do.

The opportunities that exist in a year

Every year brings with it two kinds of opportunities-The first is the opportunity to make money and the second is the Opportunity to lose money. To succeed you must choose within the year where you belong. The dilemma is the same Opportunity can make money for one person and lose money for the other person. This means that what truly counts within the year are not the opportunities themselves but whether you can leverage them to create wealth for yourself without losing money. Many increase their chances of losing money by coming into the year with unrefined and low-quality advantages.

Only a few people enter the year with refined advantages that increase their chances of creating wealth. Thus if all you bring into the year is ignorance in wealth-creating matters, low-income skills, poor relationships, low savings culture and so on you will end the year on the side of those that lose money. If, however, you bring in better quality advantages you will end up with more prosperity. Thus what will create your financial miracles this year has a lot to do with you than the society, your employer, or any other person for that matter.

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