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How to activate NetSpend card 2022 Complete Guide

How To activate NetSpend card

After acquiring a new Netspend card I am sure you will be wondering, how it works and how can you possibly activate your Netspend card. Well I got some exciting news for you, it is super easy

NetSpend is an American-based organization that is giving the financial services associated with the debit card and master card and is popular among enterprises and government bodies.

Netspend debit card allows you to pay bills, get cash back from an ATM or while making purchases, deposit funds directly into your NetSpend card through paychecks from your employer, and also view your balance with your mobile device.

There are lots of benefits to using and activating your Netspend card, which I will be sharing with you in this article. So without wasting much time, let’s jump in


NetSpend Visa Card Benefits

There are so many benefits one could get using the Netspend debit card, it is also important to note that you cant access this card if you don’t first activate it. Its benefits include paying bills, making purchases, and getting a cash advance, and it’s easy to use

How to Activate Netspend Card?

There are two practical methods to activate your NetSpend card, you can either activate the card on the NetSpend online App or by calling their customer service, this method is safe and faster all you need to do is make sure you provide all the necessary requirements for the activation

What are the Requirements to Activate NetSpend Card?

You will be required to the following details for activating your card

  • Visa card number
  • CVV
  • Login details of your NetSpend

With all this information now you can proceed with NetSpend card online activation.

Activate a NetSpend card online

Ensure you have received your NetSpend card before going through this process. Usually, a NetSpend debit card takes about 5-7 business days to arrive, so you have to be patient after applying. Follow these steps:

  • Visit the NetSpend official website
  • Click on the Activate card button
  • Now enter your card number and the 3 digit security code at the back of your NetSpend card usually referred to as CVV
  • Click on ‘Continue’

Congratulations you have successfully activated your NetSpend prepaid card

How to Activate Netspend Card Over The Phone

Another method of activating your NetSpend card is by calling a customer care representative. at 1-866-387-7363 to activate your card. A customer service representative will ask for your card number, the security code, and information that will confirm your identity. After this process, your card is ready for use.

How to activate a NetSpend card without SSN?

We receive this question almost every day on our email, people asking how to activate a NetSpend debit card without SSN. The answer is NO it’s impossible to activate your card without SSN as this shows the authenticity and legitimacy.

How to Request NetSpend Visa Card

  • Kindly Visit
  • You will see a button denoted “Sign Up Now”  click on it. As soon as the online application loads, enter your personal information as requested in each data field.
  • Click on your choice of cards, and before you click “Get My Card,” click on “Review the Fees Associated With Your Prepaid Card.”

There is no fee for issuing your card, and you’ll have a choice of a pay-as-you-go-plan or a monthly plan for future fees. Fees for withdrawing cash at ATMs, reloading cash, direct deposits, signature purchases, PIN purchases, and other transactions are detailed when you review the fees.

Bottom Line

You can use your NetSpend debit card everywhere after activation. The activation takes less than 2minutes either using the online method or calling. You can pay bills or make purchases using your debit card with lesser fees. Netspend has one of the best customer support and a user-friendly interface.


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